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Your business is the body.

Your personality is the soul.


Identifying the personality of your brand is just

soooo important for the growth of your business!!

And just a hint: It’s not your actual personality!!

But what is it you ask? And why do I need to know?

Your brand personality is the actual human traits of your brand... you could be a happy brand, a heroic brand, an empathetic brand or even a wise brand.

And humans are built for connection. Think about those brands we know and love! We form relationships with them based on how they interact with us, what they stand for, and how they make us feel.

And however people connect to your brand is due to its personality. 

But how on earth do I even figure this out?? 

Well my beauties... I have come to your rescue!!!

I have created a downloadable guide for you and I will walk you through the recognised 12 brand personality archetypes (developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung) 

Fill in the details to the left and your PDF will be winging its way to your email!!

So do you have any idea what the personality of your brand is?

No, this is not a trick question!

Is your brand creative, rebellious or magical?

Ohmigosh I need to know who I am right now!

Thanks for submitting!

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