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Are you ready for your instagram feed to become a flamingo in a flock of seagulls?

If you’re a small business who wants a stand out Instagram grid then you’ll love my PDF Guide to a Flamazing Instagram Feed! 

Grab it today for only

Do you feel like you're not being recognised or remembered ?

That you're lost in all the online squawking? 



You want to be that gorgeous, fabulous flamingo brand that stands out from the crowd!

You want all the right people to come flocking to you!

You want to make more money! (That's a no brainer right?) 

Pink-Pom-Pom-Jen-Photo-by-Hipster-Mum-6010 copy.jpg
So girls I already know you!! 
Yep, I'm a bit of a mind reader!!

Guess what?

I got you girl!!


If you're ready to start showering your instagram feed in some love, and reap the rewards,  then this Flamazing Guide is for you... 

This PDF guide teaches you: ⁠

What a brand actually is


How your brand personality can help you fly


How to speak in your unique brand voice


To choose a colour palette⁠ that sings 

How to nail the perfect photography style


To create a moodboard to bring it all to life

To use patterns to create a flamazingly fabulous grid

I get that this can seem like a lot, so I've got it all covered in my PDF guide that will take you through step by step so you don't have to remember everything or take ferocious notes. 

The biggest mistake I see my 1:1 clients make when they start out is to ignore their Instagram feed and just post anything haphazardly!! Remember your brand lives EVERYWHERE and Instagram with its HUGE following is the perfect place to get noticed!

But not if your feed looks messy, unloved and ignored!! 

Don't miss out on potential followers (and clients) because your feed is a visually overwhelming mess!! Remember content and visual appeal work together to create a strong brand!!

And that is exactly why I created this PDF guide. It helps you craft an Instagram feed that you will be proud to show off and send your clients to!

I know you’re a professional but your online presence is inconsistent
and embarrassing and makes you look like an amateur and you have no idea how to fix it!


I know you are chasing your tail in confusion about your brand... you spend hours trying to figure it out and you get so fed up  that you don't post anything... AGAIN!!
You know you need to be connecting to your clients and customers, and you know you can do that via Instagram. But it just feels like another thing to ‘do’!
You wake up each morning without any excitement to work on your biz because you're totally overwhelmed by trying to do ALL THE THINGS!

So let's pop the bubbles!

This is the same process I use to create a grid for my 1:1 clients but instead of paying

It's yours for only

If you're ready to stop second guessing yourself then the best place to start  is with my flamazing guide!


No matter where you are in your business journey, it is sooo important to have a social presence that you are proud of!! You can spend hours/months/random 4am panics trying to do this yourself and still feel like you’re totally confusing your audience (and yourself) and getting absolutely nowhere.

If you're ready to stop questioning what on earth you should be doing to create a flamazing grid and you're ready to stand out like a flamingo in a flock of seagulls, then you need this PDF guide!! 

I have created a simple step by step process so you don't waste another minute on a feed that you're embarrassed to share with your friends, followers or prospective clients!  

How do I know it works?

This is the same process I use with my 1:1 clients, and myself, and honestly you will have so many lightbulb moments you will be having a dance party in your head! 


If you're a small business just starting out, if your biz is a couple of years old and you’re struggling to get clear on your brand or even if you’re a more established business spending $$$ with copywriters and designers and still not vibing with it, you’re about to get honest, authentic, REAL strategies to help.


I will help you help you create clarity from confusion,

discover your brands unique personality, find your voice and build a flamazing social presence!

Is this you? If so, let’s fly together!
(You did know flamingos can fly right?)

Only $47??!!

Why so inexpensive? 

Why are giving away all your secrets?

(I'm not just quietly, a girls gotta have something up her sleeve!!)

Because I am the Queen Flamingo among
Flamingo Royalty.

Though seriously lol I’m a brand strategist and stylist, socials stylist and illustrator with over 30 years experience in the industry (I actually  knew this was what I wanted when I was 10). Yes, I was doing this BEFORE computers when it was all created by imagination and hand!

I have worked in advertising agencies, design studios and corporate - both big and small.
This unique blend of experience, along with my passion for empowering women to achieve whatever the heck they want, led me to start strategic brand mentoring which absolutely sparks joy for me.

I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia along with my other Pom Pom People. My fabulous bag piping husband and my perfectly imperfect university student daughter and her really, really nice boyfriend... and our crazy fur family of cats!

Totally addicted to cats, coffee, champagne, candles, motivational quotes, positivity, reading and JOY!!

I am also the founder of Pink Pom Pom Social, a styled image library for brands with personality that helps hundreds of women create a stunning social presence for
their brands.

I know how much business owners battle understanding how to brand and market their businesses because I have been there!


But why should you listen to me?

Imagine being totally unhindered by the self doubt that keeps you chasing your tail and instead you are full of confidence to craft a feed that will explode into full living colour, attracting your dream clients and allowing you to soar! 

Helping female owned businesses at the beginning of their journey in the first few years, the ones that really need the help, has become a bit of an obsession with me! 

Because I want EVERY woman to have the ability to sustain themselves and their family if they need to  when life isn't the fairy tale that we all want it to be!!!!

And by following this guide it will set you on the right path and help you build those strong foundations you need to build that strong business!!!


Are you ready to make your instagram feed

2022 Pink Pom Pom

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