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Are you ready to be a flamingo in a flock of seagulls

A workshop to guide you step by step in creating the foundations for a stand out brand


Do you feel like you're not being recognised or remembered?

That you're lost in all the online squawking? 

Do you struggle to set your prices?

Have you ever cringed over sending a client to your website or your socials?



You want to be that gorgeous, fabulous flamingo brand that stands out from the crowd!

You want all the right people to flocking to you!

You want to make more money! (That's a no brainer right?) 


Guess what?

The Flamazing Brand Foundation Workshop is here to give you results that will have you singing out loud! 

Girlfriend, I know one of the hardest things about building your business is all the guesswork! You're ready to sell more but and make this business stand tall... but you just keep chasing your tail in confusion!

What if I told you this step by step workshop will help you kick that brand confusion to the kerb and create clarity in your biz that will allow you to show up and stand out like that amazing flamingo you know your brand can be. 

I know you work hard but building a brand without the critical foundations is simply a recipe for failure! And nobody wants that! 

Wave goodbye to winging it and let's be flamazing together!!

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 7.20.23 pm.png

"Worth every minute and cent!"

Christina - Her Career Coach

I LOVED the Flamazing Brand Workshop. Jen simplifies branding and takes you on a journey; she is very engaging. I loved learning more about your ‘bestie’ and the brand archetypes and how they influence your branding, and how to apply it all practically.


I loved connecting with the group and learning from each other as we went through the exercises together.


I highly recommend taking the Flamazing Brand Workshop. It’s fun, educational and it has set me up for success.

Thank you so much Jen.

So you know to stand out in that flock of seagulls you need help! But what? How? Who?

You don’t need to second guess yourself when you have me cheering you on!! 

This is where I come in! Yeah baby!!!


No matter where you are in your business journey, it is sooo important to get your brand foundations right. You can spend hours/months/random 4am panics trying to do this yourself and still feel like you’re totally confusing your audience (and yourself) and getting absolutely nowhere.

The Flamazing Brand Workshop gives you actionable steps to build those strong foundations which will allow you to market your business with clarity and focus on your growth. 

You already have the ambition and you just need a plan of action to make those dreams come alive!

So before spending 1,000s of $$ on business coaches, designers and copywriters I encourage you to get your brand foundations sorted!! It is going to save you time, money and a whole lot of angst.

How do I know it works?

This is the same secret step by step process I use with my 1:1 clients, and myself, and honestly you will have so many lightbulb moments you will be having a dance party in your head! 

But why do I need a brand strategy?
Before Flamazing:
  • You’re a professional but your online presence is inconsistent and embarrassing and makes you look like an amateur and you have no idea how to fix it.
  • You are chasing your tail in confusion about your brand... what to post, what to do and where to find your people.
  • You have no idea who your dream customer is and you have no idea how to talk to them and you feel frustrated with your business, your brand, and yourself.
  • You keep trying to do everything yourself, you download every freebie you can find, but just keep chasing your tail in circles. 
  • You wake up each morning without any excitement to work on your biz because you're totally overwhelmed by trying to do ALL THE THINGS.
After Flamazing:
  • You have an actionable plan that you follow to create those foundations that will give you consistency across your whole brand and you have confidence in your journey.
  • You know your sparkling brand personality inside and out and you are in love with your brand again.
  • You have clarity on who, what, why and how. Your entire marketing, promotion and business is So. Much. Easier.
  • Your brand voice is strong and you know how to use it to attract the right people.
  • You happily send people to your website and social media knowing it is now consistent aesthetically and  talking the right language for your people!
  • You are focused on
    showering love on your client besties, coz you know who they are and where they hang, and they are loving you back.

  • You have joy in your business again and your mindset is strong.

And that is why you need a strategy!

For a fraction of what you’d pay me to do create a custom brand foundation strategy for you, over 3 sessions together I will teach you the steps to work on building your own!

To craft that recognisable, memorable, stand-tall brand you absolutely love, it needs to be  transformed from a confused flaminglet (OMG that name) to all the magnificence of the fully grown flamingo queen.

And that, my loves, is where I can step in!! I know you have the vision and the big ideas but you just need someone to help pull them all together. My 30 years of experience & research have given me the insight to see the true potential in your brand that you may not see right now.

But with with me in your corner, cheering you every step of the way, empowering you to stand tall, you will transform your brand to its most glorious self. Someone that is oh-so-very passionate about helping women achieve whatever the heck they want in their business!

Because your brand should be something that sparks joy within you and that you are sooo proud to share.

I attended the Flamazing workshop with Jen earlier this year.  I am so glad I did!  The clarity and focus I have around my brand, the language I can use and when to use it was EXACTLY what I needed. 


Delivered in an informal and inviting way meant I felt more able to absorb the information.  Thanks Jen, it was so worth doing!


"I have gained so much clarity and focus"

Victoria - Rainbow Bridge Family Daycare

If you're a small business just starting out, if your biz is a couple of years old and you’re struggling to get clear on your brand or even if you’re a more established business spending 1,000s with copywriters and designers and still not vibing with it, you’re about to get honest, authentic, REAL strategies.


I will help you help you create clarity from confusion,

discover your brands unique personality and

have your dream clients lining up to work with you!

Is this you? If so, let’s fly together!
(You did know flamingos can fly right?)


"Jen’s Flamazing Brand Workshop was a game changer for me."

Lara - SojiAndObi

It helped me define my brand, give it a name, and its own fun personality that will speak to my ideal customers.


Jen’s energy is contagious and helped me to be even more excited about my new business and ready to make it grow.

Because I coach target market, I was all up in my head. It is always easier to help others than ourselves with things like target market and brand.


Flamazing Brand Workshop gave me a different perspective and helped me clearly define everything because it is different than how I do it for others so it was new to me. 

Let’s start standing tall girls!!

Here’s how we’re going to do it.
Together we will discover :



These are the tools to make your brand fly high!! And this is FUN stuff to learn about!!  

Coz I'm all about the fun you know!!

BTW this workshop is split over 3 zoom sessions to allow you to take action between sessions and to stop your brain exploding  

Your brands sparkling personality so that you truly understand who your brand is in a small group.
unique brand voice so you never struggle with captions and emails again.
How to
"humanise" your brand - even if you're spotlight shy.
Who your
“customer bestie” (dream customer) is so you can constantly be calling their name.
And the crowning glory - 
your brand's visual identity
and why it’s so important.



Alright! Let's do this!

Session 1 -
28 September


Learn about what a "brand" is and why it is so important

Complete my brand personality quiz together, in a small group of no more than 5, and unearth that sparkling
brand personality of yours


Discover your brand voice and build a bank of "Buzz Words" for you to use

"Storytelling" and how to use it

Defining your brand mission and values

Learn about how to find your new "customer bestie" and how to shower
love on them


Session 2 -
30 September


Humanising your brand - what is it?

Discover what a  brand identity is and how to create it with a moodboard and colour palette to wow your audience

Social Styling and how to create an engaged following



Session 3 -
7 October



BONUS Access to the invitation only FB group between the sessions where I am accessible each day plus a live Q&A the week after to support you that little bit more!

One payment of

$495 AU

$250 AU

Two payments of

Joining The Flamazing Brand workshop will give you Pink Pom Pom levels of excitement and...

Brand Personality Development ($500 value)

Live 6 model course with my proven strategy steps ($850 value)

Live Q & A Sessions ($350 value)

Detailed workshop workbook (priceless)

Members only FB group (priceless)

Access to me in FB group (priceless)

Discounted 1:1 packages with me (priceless)

Valued at over $1500
Get it now before I change my mind!!


"This was one of the most exciting, entertaining and knowledgeable  brand workshops I have attended."

Leanne - Salon Coach

I was fortunate enough to attend the inaugural FLAMAZING Brand Workshop as a Teacher/business owner.

It assisted me in correctly identifying my brand to align with vision, accurately describe the clients I want to attract and the fun stuff of picking the colour/ trends and networking. 

Thank you so much Jen, I feel ready and confident to start my new business.


So what next?

Step 1 Purchase the workshop.

Step 2 Instructions on how to find your session zoom link will be included in the email you will receive the week before the workshop.

Step 3 You will need to download Zoom. Zoom is the video conferencing tool I use. You will need to create an  account in order to join the call. 

Step 4 This session is completely online using Zoom. You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a  strong internet connection.

This is not “done for you” strategy this is a workshop to walk you through the steps to build your own foundations.

All workshop purchases are non-refundable, however your place may be transferred to another attendee should you be unable to attend.


“Jen was a guest expert in a Mastermind I was part of. She talked about branding and social media.

I have been in branding and marketing for over 25 years and was so intrigued by the information Jen talked about.

I loved her approach so much so I have asked her to collaborate as one of my experts to help me and my clients understand the true value of knowing your personality as well as your customers so you can create a warm, targeted branding experience. ”


Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 7.17.53 pm.png

"Jen is amazing and
I highly recommend her"

Michelle Vogrinec - Business Coach

Because I am the Queen Flamingo among
Flamingo Royalty.

Though seriously lol I’m a brand strategist and stylist, socials stylist and illustrator with over 30 years experience in the industry (I actually  knew this was what I wanted when I was 10). Yes, I was doing this BEFORE computers when it was all created by imagination and hand!

I have worked in advertising agencies, design studios and corporate - both big and small.
This unique blend of experience, along with my passion for empowering women to achieve whatever the heck they want, led me to start strategic brand mentoring which absolutely sparks joy for me.

I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia along with my other Pom Pom People. My fabulous bag piping husband and my perfectly imperfect university student daughter and her really, really nice boyfriend... and our crazy fur family of cats!

Totally addicted to cats, coffee, champagne, candles, motivational quotes, positivity, reading and JOY!!

I am also the founder of Pink Pom Pom Social, a styled image library for brands with personality that helps  hundreds of women create a stunning social presence for
their brands.

I know how much business owners battle understanding how to brand and market their businesses because I have been there!


But why should you listen to me?

I will help you create put in the groundwork that is going to allow your brand to explode into full living colour, attracting your dream clients and giving you confidence to soar! 

Are you ready to make your brand fly?

2021 Pink Pom Pom

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