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waking up every day knowing your brand is constantly calling out to your ideal customer and they are lining up to work with you! 

just  imagine


Wonder what it’s like to work with me? 

This pic should give you a pretty good idea!🤣

I become your “branding bestie” and your cheerleader and together we work to craft a brand you absolutely adore!! And so will your audience!!

Am I a business coach? Nooooo BUT I have been working in the industry for a loooonnnng time, created a lot of magic and know exactly what needs to happen to make your dreams come true!

We will dive into the foundations of your brand to bring all those wonderful, exciting ideas to life whilst you receive my honest feedback and pick my brain to assist in helping you create the drop dead gorgeous brand you’ve always wanted!

I am absolutely passionate about helping women grow a business that will allow them to be self sufficient! That's why I have varied packages from start-ups through to those that have been in business a bit longer and want to level up!

Oh and fun!! We have lots fun! Because I like nothing better than a good laugh with my besties!

Free call.png

So let's figure out what the heck you need!

There are 3 ways we can do this!


You need

brand strategy



You need

brand identity



You need

do it yourself


- Joy from Wootivity  - 

Jen it’s amazing! It's incredible! It’s everything!

You didn’t just bring my brand to life, you brought my feelings to life!!

You created what I want to give to others!!

I love you so much, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Oh god it’s everything I could have hoped for!

You literally turned my self love into something I can see, something I can touch!

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