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What if I fall?
but, oh my darling
what if you fly?


Let's get strategic!

Why is your brand strategy so important? 


Brand strategy is the link between your business strategy and your visual brand. Spending time working on the very inner workings of your brand means that brand consistency will be sooooo much  easier, because when you know and adore your brand personality you can show up confidently as you – Every. Single.Time! But how you ask? 

Just imagine if you could stop those endless hours of overwhelm and “what the heck do I do here?” and dive straight into setting up your brand foundations with your new ”branding bestie” who will help you craft a brand and social presence that you adore AND that will attract, connect and convert your ideal customers? 

If you’re not clear on your brand personality and your customer "best friend", you risk maintaining your brand consistency. You will not know who the heck you're talking to and will confuse your audience, and attract the wrong customer!!!. And OMG you do not want that right?


BUT that's why I am here!! To help you step up and craft your brand into a thing of beauty and something you will be proud to share!! 


Having those foundations built first gives you clarity, and will make keeping your brand consistent So. Much. Easier. I mean, you don't build a house without foundations do you???

There are a few ways we can work together on crafting a brand you love! Check’ em out below!

Free call.png

The Discovery

1 hour brainstorming session

$350AU (appx $265US) 

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your brand/socials? You know they need to be amazing and they’re just not? 

Let me help you wipe that overwhelm and anxiety with this one hour call. This 1:1 session is designed to kick-start the strategic process and to give you some clarity. We will deep dive into your brand and then I give you a breakdown of where I think you can improve and strategy to help you fly to that next level!

But what can we get done in an hour you ask?

A lot!!! We can cover any topics you like, for example, if you have a particular pain point you can “pick my brain” for an hour on the subject...

  • Your why and your how

  • Your brand story

  • Your new  "best friend"
    (dream clients)

  • Establishing your brands personality

  • Creating consistency across your brand

  • Establishing your brand identity

  • Styling your social presence

Leave with clear direction on how to change your brand from drab to fab.

Calls will be via Zoom and will be recorded so you can listen back any time you like. Top recommendations from the session emailed to you within 24 hours.

Stand out Socials

Social Styling

$995AU (appx $740US)

Have you ever thought that styling your socials is the same as selling your house?

Well girls!! You totally should!

I mean, think about selling your house! You're not going to present it in a mess - unpainted walls, unkept garden, dirty kitchen, icky bathroom and knickers on the floor are you? You want serious kerb appeal!! You want people to come in and fall in love? You want someone to buy it? YES!!!

You need to think of your socials in exactly the same way or you're missing out on potential followers that can turn into raving fans!!!!

Of course your socials are only one part of your brand BUT they can often be the first place someone finds your business!

You want to make it memorable!

Insta IS an aesthetic platform and if it comes down to purchasing from two businesses... one that has the gorgeous aesthetic and speaks in their true brand voice and the other that is messy and unorganised... who the heck you gonna buy from? Not the mess! That's for sure!!

Think about it!

What does it include?

  • Brand strategy questionnaire

  • 2x45 minute strategy calls 

  • Social media moodboard

  • Insta overhaul with new grid set up in Plann ready for you to plan some amazing captions to match! (plus a Loom video tutorial) 

  • 3 custom social templates

  • 2 months VIPP membership with Pink Pom Pom Social 
    (giving you access to over 15,000 quotes and images)


My aim is to help you create a brand that you’re proud to direct your clients and customers to!

Go from meh to yeah! 

Ahead of your session you’ll receive a questionnaire to ensure our time is focused and useful.

Calls will be via Zoom and will be recorded so you can listen back any time you like. 

Are you ready fly with me?

The Metamorphosis

6 week brand coaching experience

$2495AU (appx $1900US) 

In this 6 session deep dive private coaching experience we work together to transform your brand and allow it to reach it’s destiny and become it’s most glorious self! 


This is perfect for you if you don’t want to go it alone and need structured, guided help to allow your brand to morph into its true beauty. Inside and out.  

Together we will work on:

  • Your brand archetype

  • What is a brand and why is it important?

  • Your why and your how

  • Your brand story

  • Your new "best friends"
    (dream client) profile

  • Establishing your brands visual identity 

  • Creating consistency across
    your brand

  • Your point of difference

  • Humanising your brand

  • Creating your content

  • Styling your social presence

Ahead of our time together you’ll receive a questionnaire to ensure we can absolutely nail our topics.

You will receive:


  • Brand strategy questionnaire

  • A 90 minute strategy call +
    5 x 45 minute calls. 

  • Direct access to me via FB messenger during business hours

  • 3 months VIPP membership with Pink Pom Pom Social

  • Insta grid set up in Plann
    (plus a Loom video tutorial)

  • A brand personality moodboard

  • 6 branded social media templates.

Are you ready to soar?

Payment plan available. Just enquire in the call.

I fell in love with my business and brand all over again. Jen perfectly captured the feel of my brand, my brand style and the magic of my brand.

Jenny - Rawfully Good Blends

- Jenny from Rawfully Good Blends - 

I first contacted Jen from Pink Pom Pom to help me discover my brand voice. My business was a brand-new product business. I needed help with creating a cohesive and professional look for my brand from colours, to fonts, to style, setting out my social media and really being able to connect with my ‘person’.


Jen is a warm, fun, and bright personality who is so easy to work with! She is your brand’s best friend! Jen delivered on everything I wanted plus more, and I am incredibly happy with how everything has turned out.


Because I was so pleased with everything and I trusted Jen, I then also asked Jen to design my packaging. I tried to do it to save money, however, if you want your brand to look professional, and to attract your people, l really believe you need a professional.


And boy did Jen deliver!


I fell in love with my business and brand all over again. She perfectly captured the feel of my brand, my brand style and the magic of my brand. The first reveal made me want to cry I was so happy!

She totally nailed it!


If you are on the side lines wondering if you should take the leap with Jen – do it You won’t regret it! She is my branding fairy!

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