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Become a flamingo in a flock of seagulls


Are you afraid you're just part of all that online squawking?

That is totally NOT what you want right?

You want to be that gorgeous, fabulous flamingo and stand out from the crowd and entice all the right people to flock to you yes?

And you know to do that you need help! But what? How? Who?

Think about about the brands that you connect with. It’s like you know them. And sometimes, it’s like you love them. I rather love Little Party Dress... why? They totally call my name!! And make me spends lots with them!! But what attracts us to these brands we connect with, love and buy from?

The answer is their awesome brand personality!!

And this quiz is the starting point to building that strong brand personality that is going to stand tall amongst your competitors and have your ideal clients lining up to work with you!

And then girls... that is where I come in! It's my job to help push away all those squawking seagulls and stand tall and create those connections you so desire and transform your brand into its most beautiful form.

If you play the quiz and then decide you want to work further with me I will fully refund you the cost of the quiz! So winning really! 

Meet the archetypes!

These 12 Personality Archetypes have been based on the concepts of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and I believe these 12 Archetypes can absolutely be used today in branding your business, and also give you the personality that will enhance yourmessage and attract your "best friend" (Your ideal customer).


Unconventional, revolutionary, rebellious, combative

Inspirational, imaginative, innovative, daring

Playful, spontaneous, humorous, fun loving


Sensual, empathetic, passionate, connection

Compassionate, nurturing, generous, warm

Friendly, authentic, trustworthy, unpretentious


Idealistic, optimistic, helpful,

Refined, articulate, confident, responsible

Intelligent, knowledgeable, reflective, assured


Mystical, intuitive, insightful,

Focused, determined, motivated, courageous

Independent, curious, fearless, daring

Beauty attracts the eye

but personality will capture the heart

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