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I'm Jen and I'm your branding cheerleader working with you to craft a brand that will make you a flamingo in a flock of seagulls.


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  • You dread posting on social media and break out in a cold sweat

  • You’re mortified directing people to your online presence because you’re a professional but your socials/branding make you look like an amateur


  • You have vision and big ideas but you need someone to help pull them all together

Is that you? If so, let’s fly!

I can help your brand to sparkle with a simple step-by-step process - one which is specially customised to speak to your ideal customer and have them lining up to work with you. 

So let’s pop those bubbles and have some fun together! 

Is this you?

- Lucy from Bloom by Belmonili  - 

"I was lucky enough to have a breakthrough call with Jen, and WOW was it amazing. Jen and I clicked instantly (I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend!), and she was able to give me immediate, actionable steps to improve my social feeds. This wasn't just surface "post more often" kind of advice either, it was personal, detailed suggestions with examples and rationale. As if that wasn't enough, after our call Jen sent me a PDF with a clear list of action steps and a recording of our call. If you are reading this, stop what you are doing and get on Jen's schedule NOW!"

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